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As some people said: “Health is wealth”, fitness and work-out activities are of great concern to many 21st citizens. If your budget is still a little bit limited when it comes to fitness equipment, I bet this treadmill can do you a favor. It is a model produced by Weslo- Weslo Cadence C44.

Cadence C44 is outfitted with a powerful 1.3 ( 2.25  THP) Impulse Drive system which offers smooth, consistent, reliable operation, allows users to enjoy steady, incessant work-out. It has the maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs which is suitable for the average weight of people. The tread-belt stretches to 47-inch length and 16-inch width. Furthermore, a Confort cell cushioning is stalled under the tread-belt to avoid friction as well as safely keep users away from joint injuries during the intense long runs. A modern EKG HeartRate Monitor is directly tailored with the machine to make sure nothing goes beyond the limit of users’ status of health.

C44’s Speed varifies from 0 to 10 miles per hour. The Speed Control has already clearly divided into 4 different stages including walk ( 3.0 mph), jog ( 5.5 mph), run (6.5 mph) and cooldown ( 2.5 mph) on its display so users do not have to adjust the speed manually step by step. Above all of that, the key selling point of C44 must come to its Adjustable Incline feature. This is a 3-position incline mode consisting of 3%, 6% and 9% allowing trainees to upgrade their training level to effectively drop the pounds and quickly get in shape. All of those features are explicitly performed on a large LCD Display which can produce very bright and vivid images so that users can comfortably use and touch the facility buttons. There are also time and fat, calories burnt displays to show how productive trainees’ workouts are. Therefore, we are able to set specific goals for serious work-out results.

As a folding machine, Cadence C44 is easily put together and folded up in modest, small houses or limited, narrow areas. Thus, fitness trainees can save a large precious space for other works and activities when they are no longer on the runs/ walks.

Cadence C44 is proven with a 1- year motor warranty to help users deal with motor difficulties during their first-used period. C44 is totally not a hard deal, which is perfectly suitable for the ones who are struggled with financial problems. It only cost buyers a limited budget of 333 USA. With this reasonable, attractive prices and a sufficient amount of facilities, Cadence C44 is becoming all the rage and well-known for world-wide household users.

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