A brief history of painting

Painting is not something that was invented a few years ago. The first art was already created by the Neanderthal man. Scientists have found cave paintings that date back from 31.000 years ago! Isn’t that incredible? Prehistorical paintings often had a purpose and a story to tell. For example, most paintings were about hunting and animals. Also, it is believed that paintings were used in religious rituals.

The oldest paintings were found in Africa. However, cave paintings were found all over the world. Thus, art was something people started doing independently. Today, some of the paintings can still be observed. You can go to caves in France and Spain. There, the walls and the ceilings of some famous caves were covered with paintings. There were shades of red, brown, yellow and black. These paintings were created from a special kind of black powdered minerals. This powder was mixed with animal fat and animal blood. The paintings showed bisons, wild cattles and other deer. The paintings are mostly in the deeper parts of the caves.

Later, people started to decorate their houses as well. In some cultures, it is common to pain the outside of the houses in bright colors. For example, in Costa Rica the houses are painted in yellow, blue, orange and pink. In the Netherlands or the UK, most houses are brown or grey. This is a big difference. However, in these countries, it is common to paint the walls on the inside.

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