The Toning Ball – Not Necessary For Increasing Muscle Tone

Are Toning Balls Necessary At All to Obtain a Good Workout At Home?

I have been training for close to 20 years and run one of the busiest fitness blogs on the Internet.

One of the numerous questions I get if are…

Is “Product X” Worth the Money -or- “Product Y”?

The most recent product I have seen pop up may be the “Toning Ball”

1. These appear to be croquette balls but are slightly larger

2. They are soft mercado da bola

3. They are inflatable

4. They offer “light resistance”

Feature on the “Toning Balls”? Smaller and far more convenient than medicine balls.

In reality, these are just medicine balls marketed in a different way. What goes on quite often is that things get “slightly changed” and marketed to check new.

No doubt, “Toning Balls” are marketed to women…

The word toning is unquestionably a buying term that women are often drawn to. For guys the word get ripped is used.

This can be a biggest flaw in something just like a toning ball

*** The resistance of 1-10 pounds isn’t going to produce a big difference in muscle tone ***

Despite having a beginner, that low of resistance isn’t going to get the job done. Even if someone wants to get toned, they have to use more resistance than that.

In reality, the largest reason that women fail to reach the outcomes they get is

1) Not enough Resistance

2) Not enough Intensity

3) Poor Diet

The high-rep low resistance workout simply isn’t likely to challenge the human body in ways which will produce major changes. I don’t want to slam the toning ball, but it is a poor way to get toned.

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I will show you how to enhance muscle tone to achieve strength while still to be able to squeeze into fashionable clothing.

When you increase strength without adding mass, you increase muscle density.

Here’s an article on my blog showing just how to make this happen:

Gain Strength Without Size


-Rusty Moore

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